What are the most important features of a hosting provider for e-commerce websites?

E-commerce websites are created with the only one purpose – make customers purchase goods at this particular place. Like any other website, they should be hosted on a server, and there arises the question – is it better to host it at their own server, or use hosting providers? If you do not have experience in server administration, it is definitely better to use third party services. In this article, we would describe the major features of such providers and their influence on a website operation.   

What is the typical cost of services of hosting providers?

The price for hosting services depends on various factors: the maximum load, the technologies of the website, additional services introduction. It varies from 4 USD/month for low load websites up to 1000 USD/month for dedicated server hosting. The cheapest options will provide only one domain name, absence of SEO, and no dedicated IP. Meanwhile, more expensive ones can make your website a more comfortable place to stay and be protected from various attacks.     

Mind correlation price/quality. This point deals mostly with all spheres of our life. You can’t expect the high quality provided at less price. Though it is not a rule that high prices guarantee a high level of quality. Each owner finds its own perfect formulae.

The features that can become crucial for a host user. 

It happens, that the host from one price zone can influence the same website in different ways. The results of such influence can enfeeble or help the business. 

  1. The physical location of the servers. They should not be located too far from the target audience. Great distances would bring a long response rate and cause lagging. No user would break through the freezes to order something in your shop. 
  2. Availability of database and website back-up. E-commerce websites deal with the personal data of an individual. That brings additional dependencies, and such data should be handled and protected accordingly. Due to the non-stable operation of the servers, some data can appear to be damaged. Back-up service can provide a small relief to such losses. 
  3. This point appears from the previous one – security. Without protection, personal data can be lost in a minute. The payment details can be stolen and used maliciously. Such a situation will bring the end to your business eventually. 
  4. Quality of the support service. Most of the issues with server operation can be solved. If the support service provides fast and effective responses, that can make life much easier. 
  5. Introduction of SEO features. SEO benefits often appear to be underestimated, though such optimization can firm the position of any e-commerce website. 

A rightly made e-commerce website can empower the business and help to earn profits. A hosting provider becomes some kind of a starting platform. That is why it should be carefully considered. Location, backup, security, support, SEO – the most important features for a host. Choose a payment plan of a provider you liked most, and do not forget to leave some room for improvement. That is only the basis for an e-commerce product, nevertheless fundamental.

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