Ready to Start: How to Communicate with Digital Development Sales and Why is it Important

Starting a new digital product is a trial for new businesses. Moreover when it is the start of the project with the outsourcing team for the first time can make some difficulties. The first step in such cooperation can become a determinant and define whether such development would take place or end even without start. 

Like most services, it starts with choosing the people who will take the technical implementation. On this step, most business owners communicate with numerous salespersons. They try to choose the developers or creators based on communications with people who are not involved in the development. 

With this article, we describe the possible ways how to communicate with salespeople of development teams. And check the theory whether they are needed for future project success. 

Who the salesperson in the development company is?

The salesperson in most companies is a person who finds prospective business owners who need a team to implement their idea into life. They serve as primal mediators or transcribers of the theoretical ideas and people who can build the solution for this task. 

They build the preliminary estimate with the team and help with signing the legal papers. In some cases, the procedure of documentation conclusion requires time to clarify the basics. In such a case, the salesperson can save some time for any business. 

From time to time arises the situation when a business owner wishes to build something great and world-changing. Though the basic concept rarely has a lot of features similar to the final product. And the task of the salesperson is to forward the vague ideas into things that can be coded. They can test the theories based on the practical experience they received. 

Another essential point for any business starter is the ability to suit the budget. Not so often the development process is not limited to such factors as time or money. It is better to have someone who can calculate the rough figures needed for the development of the particular product’s functions. When the product is 70% ready and you have no money left for its launch, it is still not ready. The only outcome is to freeze or cancel the development process. Under such conditions, it was better to launch MVP with a limited functional scope. It will be possible to develop all supplementary modules within the live product later. 

The salespersons can help a business owner with development techniques, navigate around development languages. Naturally, they can not insist on using particular languages as they are not the developers. Though, their experience gives the possibility to choose the techniques that can be better. They can state for sure that there is no need to use React technologies for a simple blog that would receive the content each day. Such a choice can save time and money for the business.

After the project start, they continue tracking the project’s success and analyzing its intended market. In such a way, they possibly can offer the introduction of changes that can positively influence product growth. 

How it is better to speak with sales to be heard?

Needless to say that the possible outcome of the project depends on the experience of the people who plan the product coding process. That is why the salespersons take continuous training and have the basic knowledge of the development processes. 

A business should state what they wish to get in the end from the final product. Not the intended functions, but what it should bring to the target users of this product. As in some situations, the same effect can be reached with different techniques that require a different amount of resources. 

When it is difficult to formulate the entire list, it is possible to ask for a questionnaire from the salespersons. The questions stated there can help you to find the common flow and reveal the omitted ideas. 

Based on the ideas marked from the start, the team of developers concludes the specific document – Statement of Works. It builds the preliminary plan of the activities that should be taken in the course of the development. The SoW can even serve as the basis for legal liability.

The general SoW includes information about deadlines, timelines, budget, and strict requirements for the final product. More info about this statement – find in our article. All information crucial for the product launch should be discussed, stated in the document, and approved by both sides. 

One of the possible fears of sharing the idea with other people is the fear of a misunderstanding. With this situation, the salespeople help as well. As they have to communicate with numerous people every day, they own empathy and adjust themselves to others. Moreover, they can check the theories from the outside looking in. 

The general recommendations on the information given to salesperson to be easily understood:

  • Hard to understand idea should be converted into an easier one. The same goes for words and definitions. If they are not necessary for context, try avoiding them.
  • The description of the main idea should be laconic. Though, the additional ideas can be described to add some background to the main idea and outline the conditions that will surround the future product. Such additions should be supplemental, never core. 
  • The information provided should be viable and relevant. If the product should be launched in half a year – better state this to ensure the developers distribute resources correctly. 

Though communication with salespersons can become a worrying moment, this step is essential for proper planning of the product. They can initiate positive changes to the basic idea and prove or deny it.

Based on the communication with sales a business can decide which company to choose for development. Paying attention to inner premonitions and ask for additional rounds of communication if some feelings appear. 

But if you feel that these are the people who understand you without words – grab them and start your project. Contact our team and check whether we really suit each other. 

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