Peculiarities of e-commerce products architecture

Architecture creates the basis of any product. It depends on the goals and applicability area of the project. Though each product is unique and serves different roles, each of them has features that are similar for e-commerce products. Different types of architecture are constructed from basic elements that serve appropriate functions. They satisfy compulsory and custom processes to ensure the serviceability of the entire system.  

Architecture defining processes of e-commerce project

E-commerce projects have peculiar processes that are not common in other spheres. But in any case, they should be discussed and correspond to the business goals. They influence the architecture and govern the techniques that would be applied. These projects should include the following processes among others:

  • search;
  • sorting;
  • purchase;
  • data protection. 

Search function gives the possibility not only to search a particular product by the search bar but also navigate through informational architecture. It is an organization and categorization of the information and products. 

Sorting helps to classify and arrange the information that is suggested to the user. 

Purchase and payment fulfillment correspond to shopping cart completion and fund transactions. Additional APIs of outer payment systems are connected as supplementary modules. 

Data protection is a crucial process in any e-commerce project. The data provided by users should stay undisclosed and secure in any situation.  

The basic features of e-commerce project architecture

Ability to expand and undergo changes

The main aspect of the architecture of e-commerce products – is flexibility and expandability. Especially it goes with high load and rapidly increasing projects. When a product is under constant development, various supplementary modules are added to the core features. If it is flexible the addition of new functionality will not create the mess in the structure. 

Adjustable modules help to save time and money. It is possible to run the initial product with less functionality and data throughput without spending enormous funds. After it becomes popular, the functional features can be added in small inexpensive portions. 

Sometimes load analysis shows weak points of the structure. In case if such areas can not be optimized or modified, they should be redeveloped in other coding languages. Such a situation appears due to the inability of some languages to perform some functions without effectivity loss.  

Stay understandable and clear

Though this feature should correspond to any product, e-commerce often faces the situation when the initial project is done by one team but the further changes are implemented by the other. If the structure is clear, no one will get lost in its corners. New developers will need less time to untangle the modules and their correlations. When the entire module should be replaced the understanding of dependencies will help to avoid the appearance of the enormous number of bugs. 

Be as simple as possible

Simplicity will help to create expandable and clear architecture. Modules without complicated elements are agile. Surely simplification process will take some time, though it will save is in the future. Even the products with high load and scope can be developed similarly. 

Ability to stand the high load

This feature concerns the products that stay in the market for some time and face a great number of users. The scaling process of such a product should be introduced step by step. First of all, it is necessary to perform server adjustments, separate database, and create several front and back ends. Later it will be possible to connect cache and queue servers. These steps should consolidate the architecture and help to bear the load. 

Security and backupping

The entire system of the project is designed in such a way to minimize the ability to breach it. In the case of security violation, the main task – is to minimize the negative effects of such eruption. The special clusters of architecture are introduced for protection. They control the entire serviceability of the system, prevent security violations, and perform backupping.

The creation of sole architecture is the core aspect of the effectivity of any development. These peculiarities define e-commerce products among others. Any e-commerce product requires constant optimization and the introduction of uncommon decisions in the project. In such a case it will stay claimed in the market.

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