Fear of e-commerce outsourcing to Ukraine – overly responsible or remnants of the past?

Statistics of recent years show that the number of online e-commerce solutions will only continue to grow. Due to the unpredictability of conditions only having an offline store is not a good idea.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is more and more difficult to solve problems in the development and support of an online store. Having an in-house team is quite costly and not always relevant, and creating a website on your own using templates will not give the required quality demanded in today’s market. Freelancers can appear to be the best option for development of an e-commerce project, though they cannot perform as well as the set team of developers.

The solution is to shift website development, support, and maintenance to outsourcing.

Many people still use the services of only local team, not daring to entrust these processes to people who are sometimes tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Let’s take a look at the main fears held by small and medium business owners towards outsourcing . 

  1. “It seems to me that these people live in a different world and there is an insurmountable cultural gap between us”

Yes, the culture of some countries (for example, Asian countries) is radically different from the Western world mentality due to historical and social characteristics but considering Ukraine, as an outsourcing partner, one can be sure that the cultural gap has long been no obstacle to business relations. Its location in the very centre of Europe allows it to follow the trendiest movements of Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, and others.

Moreover, e-commerce culture is highly developed in Ukraine. Statistics show that more than 43% of the population make a purchase on the Internet at least once a year, and more than 25% make purchases on the Internet regularly

  1. “They won’t be able to understand my idea and will do something wrong”

The majority of negative events arise from a simple misunderstanding, these can happen regardless of the location of the team of developers. Fortunately, most outsourcing agencies provide project management services for every operation. Usually the manager is a fluent English-speaker who handles the results of the team’s work, much like the conductor of an orchestra. If you want to be sure of the result, take care of getting a project manager. 

In addition, the project manager saves you from having to communicate with several people who participate in the development process. All of your information passes through the one trained person who outlines the tasks to each responsible department, your friendly project manager….Bless  

If you are wondering what else you should look for when choosing a partner, we recommend watching our recent video.

  1. “My data is not protected and may be disclosed at any time”

Ukraine is a country of law-abiding citizens. If you worry about the safety of your data, just offer the NDA to all project participants asking them to sign. Moreover, the professional team is interested in the safety of your data no less, since this is a reputation that money cannot buy. By the way, this is another reason to choose an agency, not an individual. Since working with an agency you can have guarantees and compliance with deadlines, as they are documented officially.

  1. “These people are not interested in my business, and as soon as the project is completed, I will be alone with my own problems”

If you work with a professional agency, then most likely you can count on a team that will support and maintain your website. For example, check the correctness of work, add features and novelties, draw new advertising designs, etc.

For example, EVNE provides a one-year code warranty (in case of any error in the code occurred), as well as a team to support the project.

  1. “I can’t control the developer”

Are you sure this is necessary? Returning to the management issue, the best solution  is choosing a company that provides an experienced project manager. It will be the link between you, the design and development team. Thus, you will be a part of the key processes of the project, making strategically important decisions, rather than dealing with small tasks and micromanagement. The problem solver will take over all the really difficult work.

It’s not true to say that you can delegate all tasks that concern your business to employees or third-party partners.

Some key things are still worth controlling and doing on your own because you’re the only person who can do it perfectly.

  1. Hiring key employees

Do not delegate the recruiting process for department heads or top managers to agencies. You can never guess to what extent a person will fit a position purely on psychological parameters. It is not a question of experience, but the ability to communicate, convey your thoughts, and think in the interests of a particular business. It is better to devote some of your personal time and select a team that will take an active part in building a strategy for your e-commerce business.

  1. Communication with investors or key suppliers

You should not send a company manager to negotiate with suppliers of goods or distributors. It is extremely important for small and medium-sized business owners to dive deeply into the process. It helps not to lose your grip and control the course of the main processes that directly affect the company’s revenue. Each such meeting brings many discoveries. Besides, no one, except you, will be able to convey all the subtleties of the work.

  1. Customer care

In the case of incompetence or if the client was dissatisfied with your service, the best thing you can do is personally apologise and resolve the situation in favour of you’re client. This will make the most positive impression because there is nothing better than feeling that someone cares.

  1. Training of sales team

It is a normal practice for the founder to be experienced in sales techniques themselves at the launch of his/her company. Sales are always the delivery of value, and who knows it better than you? Charge sales managers with your own fire. Things that have a place for personal self, opinion, feelings, and relationships are best left within the company.

If you are creating great products your customers will be happy to purchase and motivate your team to achieve the business goals. You are the core person who builds the model and spirit of the company.

It is worth shifting from outsourcing to in-house only when it is economically viable and you have the scope of work for at least two employees.

To sum up, the main fears about the decision to outsource work to Ukraine are most often just fears of the unknown or negative experience from prior cooperation.

To avoid problems with the project, you need to take into account all the rules for choosing an outsourcing partner which are:

– all agreements documenting;

– the most suitable project manager;

– making key decisions on your own;

– dive into your business.

Outsourcing is good in areas of influence, when there is a clear project task associated with external competencies of specialists, and not with internal conditions.

Leave your hesitations and try building your own Ukrainian dedicated team with our specialists. Contact us to discover how to achieve this.

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