What will be the IT market in several years: practical recommendations for developers and business owners

The fast-changing world brings new challenges to every sphere of life, and the development is not an exclusion. Being in trend is crucial for any team of developers as the application of actual techniques helps to build effective software. Nonetheless, these techniques should be tested in practice not to fail suddenly in real life.

In any case, developers that everyday work with code observe the tendencies and can predict the further directions of its development. So, let’s find out what technologies will shape the market in recent years, and how the needs of the final users can change. And finally discover, how to act not to stay behind other developers teams.

What technologies will shape the market of IT services?

The first technology is reactive. It simplifies the use of a website by making one single page from the entire website structure. The users do not have to reload pages while moving around the site, and that makes the user experience seamless. 

We consider that during the next several years the number of products developed with reactive technology will rapidly grow. Even nowadays, the front-end development moves toward the simplification and boosting of the processes. Struggle for users’ attention makes developers create not only catching but also responsive products. Reactive technology is the right thing that will be faster and more comfortable for users. Moreover, it serves a great deal for SEO if properly developed and implemented.

The next one is the progressive web application. It can be downloaded from the web to smartphone devices. Later it can be used as a simple application. That gives great possibilities for e-commerce websites that try to receive more buyers that install their applications. As far as the implementation of a supplementary application for any e-commerce product empowers any business, such kind of application can become an effective alternative. It requires more time to be developed, though later that will bring more benefits to the business.

The growth rate of the number of mobile devices shows that the principle “mobile-first” will move forward. The progressive web application is one of the proves of this theory. Inability to use the niche of mobile users brings nothing except losses to business owners.

What will change in the market?

If to talk about the market of web development, the prices for development will grow. Not so many developers will be experienced in the technologies stated above, and as a result, the prices will depend on the limited group of people. Nevertheless, the quality of the final product will grow. Users will need only qualitative products, and the business owners will have to demand such from the developers. The final consumers will state the needs of the entire market.

The overall competitiveness of the IT market will grow. Too many companies rise each new day in this field. Competitiveness usually brings higher quality that is definitely better for business owners. 

How will the needs of business owners change?

The business owners will have to choose from a great variety of developers who are like two pieces in a pod. Some companies will choose the use of new technologies and techniques. Others will stay behind and probably fail. 

How will the needs of users change? 

As for the users, they always demand fast and qualitative products that will make the right thing they want without many pains. Not so many changes will come to this section of requirements.

What the teams and business owners should do to stay active?

The first action any team of developers should take – is to hire or train the developers to be able to produce reactive products and progressive web applications. Together with the growing demand for such services, the profit of the teams who took this niche and enhanced their skills would rise. So, always consider investing in the education of your team.

In case you are a business owner, choose the technologies for your product that define better interactions with the users. And find the teams who sincerely care about the business goals of each business owner. Contact us anytime to stay on the wave.

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