Trends of web design that add value to your website in 2020

The design of a website can make a great deal to the overall conversion of the first visitors into customers. Location of elements, blocks with information, use of colors makes a great difference when they are elaborately embedded into the web page. The users will not even understand why they are doing some actions or pay attention to the necessary elements. 

In this article, we describe and offer practical examples of the trends of web design (if properly introduced) that can improve the conversion rate of a website up to 3 times. 

Learn how to arrange the information, choose colors, make graphical elements, add video and animation properly, and reach success with a single web page. 

Arrangement of blocks with information

Extensive free space

A lot of free space on a webpage creates the feeling of clearness and allows concentrate all attention of a user on the markable elements. The initial purpose of such a design is to avoid information noise. When a page contains a lot of information, often optional, a user will be difficult to distinguish really important pieces and general informational flow. The principle is in rejection of non-compulsory, and as a result, you get a clearly free page. It requires special attention to typography elements that will be used on a page. 

The complexity of such a technique lies in the necessity to choose the most important information that should be outlined. As only a few elements can be placed on a page, they should bear the maximum value as or a user as for an owner of a website. Each element should perform an action or help the user to navigate.   

Non-standard page composition and asymmetric location of blocks

Traditionally blocks with information are arranged in columns with distinctive borders. The asymmetric location of functional elements brings personalization to a website. A non-standard concept can show creativity and a different view on common tasks and outline your website among the competitors. This can be used only in case your product or website allows such playfulness. 

Though, in some cases, the aggregation of meaningful elements in random order can create difficulties in the perception of information by users. It is necessary to stay within the niche of the product and not to go too far with the design while losing the meaning.  


Bright colors

It is necessary to understand that all people percept the same colors differently. Even the culture and social environment can define the experience a person will receive from a particular color. But generally bright colors have a similar meaning to different users as they recall stronger emotions than dimmed colors. Not every design requires the use of a flashing color scheme. Some bright accents will be enough to make the users do what is intended. 

The problem that can appear – the oversaturation of incompatible colors or visual disturbance of some users. 


The soft transition of several colors that are chosen in a special manner with the help of the color wheel. The elements are combined with each other and make a smooth flow from one color to another. Such an effect can add some additional meaning to standard elements, refresh the design without performing the overall rebranding procedure. 

The gradient can do some harm if not to pay attention to the text color that should be placed over it. The contrast should be sufficient for both colors of a transition. 

Graphical elements

Minimalistic photos

The quality of such photos is out of the question. When there is only one central element on a website, all the attention of a user will be given to it. Non-standard compositions and sudden effects make this practice perfect for one-page landing pages. 

Minimalistic meaningful photos are difficult to be done. As the main intention of any landing page – conversion, such photos without strict composition can make more harm than profit. 

Bright colored images

bright colors help users to pay attention to the meaningful elements that serve particular goals. When the background can be performed in a dim or neutral color, specific elements can serve as markers. Such a color scheme can create a special mood and submerge the user into the product.   

Hand-drawn elements

Such elements make the website unique and uncommon. Though, they require much more time for creation. The pictures drawn by hand look more vivid than photos, they give fleur and lively charm. With the purpose to show the users that the particular website was created for people, such pictures are introduced to many designs of web and app products. 

Not every style of a hand-drawn picture can be appreciated by the majority of users. They can look like childish scribbles and blemish the perception of a brand. 

3D images  

Currently, 3D images are used considerably to add some depth and make a wow effect on a user. Such images are often animated to empower the effect. A simple animation of spinning adds several minutes to the user’s session duration. And it is only for the sole graphical element, in addition to any other meaningful elements on a page.

3D elements should be used wisely as they can negatively influence the webpage loading time. Excessive lagging and low responsiveness can easily appear on a non-optimized page and cause performance problems.

Geometrical forms and images

Strict geometrical elements are commonly used in the navigational elements of a web page. This is natural as our brain finds it easier to percept structured information and tries to separate it into blocks. Geometrical elements can conjoint and create new forms and create an original visual effect.  

Unique fonts

Through the fonts, we convey the textual meaning. They are often optimized to make users percept these meanings easily that positively affects the optimization of UI. But not always they are simplified. Unique fonts add to the text some different features and additional meanings associated with the brand. 

Even if some fonts can greatly convey the brand spirit but they appear to be non-readable, they should not be used. The same thing goes for the screen size. Some fonts that are readable on laptops can be awful on a smartphone screen. 


Full-screen video/animations

Animations and videos are added to a web page to give entertainment and increase the session length. A lot of user interactions on a page are introduced with the help of animations. It gives the possibility to observe the process and the final result and influence it. 

Animations smooth all transitions and avoid logical interruptions. This includes scrolling animation and the following effects. Animations and videos can create emotional context and bring some fresh sense to a static design. 

The problems that can appear deal with the high load to the processing of such page, its loading time, and possible lagging. 

Specific styles


Such kind of design underlines the similarity of modern websites with the first interfaces that appeared at the end of the 20th century. A combination of strict lines, figures, and bright contrast colors defines the basic principles of brutalism. Functionality is placed on the first position in such kind of design even if the classical understanding of harmony is sacrificed. Brutalism helps the user to perform the intended actions, as there are no elements that can distract or steal the attention. This style can be named “esthetics in chaos”.

For some users, it can become too aggressive and simple as initially it was intended for a young auditory. If to use this style with the product in the wrong niche, it will call the misunderstanding only. Unpracticed hands can produce something looking like a template of a future website, but not a website itself. 

Material design

The most commonly used general style. This methodology is reliable and proven, which is why it gained such broad recognition. Companies apply the basic principles slightly changing some stile defining elements. And one of the main reasons for such popularity – its structure helps to avoid lagging on overloaded platforms. 

Some companies can combine it with brutalism or classical Swiss or Helvetic design to make it more vivid. 

As this style is multifunctional, it is used commonly, and as a result, your product or website can be lost among the others. Though, from the technical and anti-lagging point of view, this style is perfect.  

The purpose of a product is the key

Each of these elements can bring a new experience to a website and improve the general rate of visitors. Video and animation have the biggest impact on a users’ session time, nonetheless, they require the biggest attention from a team implementing them. 

Everything should stay in harmony with the design of websites. It is impossible to add all the stated above elements and get the best website ever. Experienced web designers can choose the technique that will serve your particular goals and influence only those factors that should be improved.    

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