Cookie policy

This Policy relates to everything connected with cookies that are applied on the site (hereinafter the «Site») for the users (hereinafter the «User»).  EVNE Developers LLC (hereinafter the «Company») uses cookies or similar technologies (pixels) on the Site. This allows the browser to collect additional information about the User’s device that intended to be used for the improvement of the Site. These files are stored in the browser/device from a website or advertising.

Cookie – a special small file that collects information about the usage of the Site. It is needed to improve the operational experience.

Types of collected cookies:

  • Session cookies; 
  • Secure cookies; 
  • Analytical cookies; 
  • Functional cookies.

Pixel – a small fragment of code that collects information about performed actions when using the Site. It is needed to discover engagement in particular content of the Site. That helps to improve the quality of the services provided.

What information is collected

They may collect information including the name of an Internet service provider, the IP address of the device, the date and time, what type of device or browser is used, or preferred functions when using the Site.

Purposes of collection

The purposes of cookies collection:

  • Personalization on different devices. By using cookie files we can discover what kind of device is used and improve the effectiveness of the Site for this particular device. Any bugs appearing will be easier to eliminate if to know clearly the device type that is used.
  • Analytics to distinguish different users that has browser session, but can not identify the same users from various devices.  
  • Integration and sharing capabilities with social media networking.
  • Communication with customers in real-time chat. 
  • Operational experience improvement.

Ability to refuse

We do not apply any advertisement for third-party services via the Site. Though the User can use particular plugins of the browser to block the advertisement. The User can set a web browser to refuse all or some browser cookies or to alert when websites set or access cookies. 

To remove cookies from your device use these guidelines:

Please note, that if to disable or refuse cookies (especially essential cookies), some parts of the Site may become inaccessible or not function properly. Additionally, the User can refuse from the provision of information to Google Analytics by using the corresponding opt-out in the web browser (

Changes of the document

The Company reserves the right to change the Policy at any time. In case if the Cookie Policy is changed, the special entry is made below for everyone to track such alterations.

Latest changes:

August 19, 2019 – Initial draft published.