Become a digital designer: how and for what purpose?

Every day each of us uses numerous websites and applications for various activities. That means the demand for qualitative digital products that gain the real attention of users will grow every day. Except for the basic serviceability and absence of bugs, the proper design can make the product catching for a user. Who are these people who define the visual appearance of the product, do they possess supernatural powers, and how you can suit a designer career we will describe in our article. 

There are variations of a designer position nowadays according to the specific duties narrowing. We will talk about the general design of web and mobile products and the people who orchestrate these activities. 

What does it mean to be a digital designer? 

Each profession has some positive and negative moments. While being a digital designer, each can experience the following:

  • get the great possibilities for growth in professional and soft skills;
  • the necessity to study constantly and widen the horizons;
  • your services will be in high demand always;
  • ability to create and build a unique product having only the idea;
  • ability to work remotely and get the projects from the entire world;
  • the work can not be dull as you should introduce something new every day.

Some negative points for the designer position can be found, as well:

  • without constant studying process your competitors will leave you behind;
  • be ready to periodic corrections of your work from the client’s side;
  • when freelancing, you should search for clients yourself;
  • sitting work in front of the screen for several hours a day;
  • you should have the ability to persuade people and protect the personal point of view. 

The main feature that defines the designers’ work is the ability to undergo constant studying. That is the advantage and disadvantage of this position at the same time. Generally, by stating if the constant studying process is suitable for you or not you can define if the designer’s career suits you. 

Nevertheless, in case you are still not sure if the design is your calling – here is the list of daily duties of a digital designer. The integral list greatly varies even among the different companies who offer the same design services. 

Job functions a digital designer should perform: 

  • Designing wireframes, mockups, and prototypes of digital products and their elements. 
  • Consideration of the general visual and practical outfit of the websites or applications.
  • Dealing with typefaces, images, animations, colors that are present in the product.  
  • Performing analysis of users’ interaction and experience they will get from digital product exploration. 
  • Designing the concepts of banners, forms, e-mails, pop-ups, and dozens of similar supplementary things if they are needed for product serviceability. 
  • Creation of branding elements and logos for product integrity. 
  • Performing the analysis of competitors and finding points of difference for each particular brand. Representation of them through the design. 
  • Creation of technical specifications for front-end developers for design coding implementation.

If that long list does not frighten you, let’s move to the next step – personal qualities that a designer should possess to make their work with ease.  

What personal qualities are needed for a person to become a good designer?

  • Patience and ability to handle stress.
  • Ability to create something new in the ocean of similar artworks.
  • Ability to bear the responsibility for introduced elements.
  • Attention to details and accuracy.
  • Ability to hear the feedback and prove one’s theories and thoughts. 
  • Empathy is the core skill for understanding what the users will do and the customer wishes to get.  

In case you possess these qualities – it’s time to try yourself in the sphere of designing. Take several courses to get closer to the profession and tools needed to perform the tasks in this sphere.  

And basically, here is the list you should know before entering the designer position, except for the trainee position. 

  • Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect.
  • Principles of UI\ UX design.
  • Typefaces building principles.
  • Color harmony.
  • User attention retention and desired action performing.
  • Arrangement of blocks of information.
  • Basic SEO.

The growing demand for digital products makes the constant demand for professionals who are passionate about their job. That is why you still have plenty of time to learn new skills and join the niche. And remember, you do not need any drawing or painting skills to become successful in this sphere. The digital design generally is more similar to calculation and analysis even more than to painting of the 18th-century masterpiece.  

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